Monday, September 28, 2009

Is my life still beautiful?

Is life still beautiful without a lover?

Is life still complete without a spouse?

I guess the answer is YES to the above questions. Life is still beautiful and complete when you have a healthy mindset and a grateful heart.

Count your blessings, count what you have in life; not what you don't have in life.

Let's live unselfishly. Don't ask how much you receive from others, but ask how much you will give to those who live, who work around you. Let's live a lifetime of caring about people, of learning about them, listening to them, spending time , and paying attention.

"What if it had been me? How many people could I reslistically count on to bust a gut to help me out if I'd called them at 3 a.m.?"

I would say 15...

These are the people whom I really care and invest my time, my love, my effort...and I know that I know I can always count on them.

Let's live a life of asking what you can do for someone else. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Man & Woman

When a man loves a woman, he promises her heaven and earth.
When a man marries a woman, he delays every promise he has said.

When a woman loves a man, she seems understanding and thoughtful in whatever she does for him.
When a woman is married to a man, she seems demanding and calculating all the faults that her husband has made.

When a man is trying to tackle a woman, he sees all the beautiful side she has, and thinks that they both are so compatible.
When a man marries a woman, he sees all the differences between them and wonder why they are together.

When a woman loves a man, she tries different cooking recipe to please him and serve him.
When a woman is married to a man, she cooks him only the menu she thinks it's easy.

When a man hears a woman says, " I love the way you care for me", (which actually means, " I really appreciate your thoughtfulness."); the man thinks that this is the hint for him to have more advanced physical contact towards her.
When a man hears his wife says, " Dear, when are we going to have babies?" The man will then react sensitively to avoid such issue.

When a woman hears a man says, " You are so special in my eyes."; the woman thinks that she is the only woman whom he has his eyes on.
When a woman hears her husband says, "Miss Ellen looks beautiful today."; the woman jumps up and down, finds it so hard to accept the truth.

When a man loves a woman, he shares all his little stories in life with her, to get her admiration and praises.
When a man marries a woman, he hides all his failures and keeps them to himself, to avoid her judgement.

When a woman loves a man, she is shy to tell him more about herself, so to get him more curious and interested in her private life
When a woman is married to a man, she can't wait to tell him that the neighbor's cat just died, the ceiling light is not working, the toilet bowl is stuck!

God made us to be beautiful creation on earth and we share the same image as He has.
Although man and woman are different, we have the same common goal, is to glorify Him and to praise Him as long as we live on earth. Relationship between man and woman is a beautiful combination when 2 are in 1.
G=Good communication skill,
A=Accepting one another,
T=Triumph over trials,
E=Everlasting love

Indeed, it is a GATE way to a heavenly-relationship. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be a good steward of own finance

I had a fresh awakening these past days. How to be a wise spender? or let me rephrase it, How to be a good steward for God to manage my own finance, my talent?

I got very good tips from friends who are very wise and successful in their career. They are able to spend happily and save happily for their good future.

Good suggestion which I find it is very useful:-

60% of our income should be spent on our daily necessities, for eg: clothing, meals, transportation, housing etc.

10% of our income should be invested on insurance and financial securities.

10% of our income for family responsibilities

20% of our income should be saved for our retirement fund.

Good point: we shoud have cash saving which could last for 3-6 months of expenditure, to secure our rainy days, if we are jobless.


I have learnt a lot...