Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be a good steward of own finance

I had a fresh awakening these past days. How to be a wise spender? or let me rephrase it, How to be a good steward for God to manage my own finance, my talent?

I got very good tips from friends who are very wise and successful in their career. They are able to spend happily and save happily for their good future.

Good suggestion which I find it is very useful:-

60% of our income should be spent on our daily necessities, for eg: clothing, meals, transportation, housing etc.

10% of our income should be invested on insurance and financial securities.

10% of our income for family responsibilities

20% of our income should be saved for our retirement fund.

Good point: we shoud have cash saving which could last for 3-6 months of expenditure, to secure our rainy days, if we are jobless.


I have learnt a lot...