Monday, September 28, 2009

Is my life still beautiful?

Is life still beautiful without a lover?

Is life still complete without a spouse?

I guess the answer is YES to the above questions. Life is still beautiful and complete when you have a healthy mindset and a grateful heart.

Count your blessings, count what you have in life; not what you don't have in life.

Let's live unselfishly. Don't ask how much you receive from others, but ask how much you will give to those who live, who work around you. Let's live a lifetime of caring about people, of learning about them, listening to them, spending time , and paying attention.

"What if it had been me? How many people could I reslistically count on to bust a gut to help me out if I'd called them at 3 a.m.?"

I would say 15...

These are the people whom I really care and invest my time, my love, my effort...and I know that I know I can always count on them.

Let's live a life of asking what you can do for someone else. :)


Nixon Lee said...

Very deep, profound.....*thinks*

Anonymous said...

wah....teacher....This is my 1st comment...on ur ot..:D


My Closet etc... said...

Life is still beautiful even with obstacles & disappointment.. We experienced & learnt through these and makes us a more beautiful person!
WE all learnt to give before we take, that's how the phrase "give and take" come from, have you ever heard people says "take & give"?
Life is always beautiful, it just how you see it only.

Jane Lee said...

Life is beautiful, when we know how to accept the truth!