Friday, October 2, 2009


My mind is too active for this hour. 3:48A.M.

Hard to sleep.. Keep thinking of my lesson plans, business plans, personal plans & etc.

I am always surrounded by kids and teenagers. I love to look into the eyes of the children, especially. They are so naive but beautiful. Their eyes tell you wonders, awaiting fun moments with you, believe in everything you say, show you frustration whenever they are doubtful. You just know them by looking into their eyes.

I remember once I had these beautiful plain eyes. I have lost them. My eyes learnt to hide my inner feelings. I am able to wear an invisible mask to protect myself from getting hurt. As I grow older, I become vulnerable.

Jesus said, " Those with childlike faith will inherit the kingdom of God."

Oh yeah, I am God's child, God's beloved daughter. He accepts me as who I am. I know He loves me to be myself, awaiting fun moments with Him, believe in everything He says, show Him my frus whenever I am doubtful and weak. I know He is there whenever I call upon Him.

A pure heart, this is what I long for. In the midst of my busy life, I would like to enjoy the quiet moment with Him, dwelling in His peaceful presence.

I think my heart will soon be revived, slowly my eyes will shine....