Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ice Cream

I love ice cream... though I am chubby.. I enjoy eating with my love ones.

I tend to control ... eat maybe once a while...

When I fell in love, I ate more with him. :)

I remember the place where we first met, he brought me to have Tiramisu Ice Cream which is my favorite. From then on, we usually had dessert after our western dinner.

Those were the happy moments we had and my face went so round and round...

That particular day when we sat down and talked about our change of plan and future, we were at the same ice cream shop. That afternoon, the ice cream was tasteless to me. My heart was aching. We didn't share the ice cream, we were talking and talking, and both were sad.

After some time of depression, I returned to my brother's home, who used to be my hero, loves to take care of me and literally feeding me or "fathering" me since small.

Over the phone, he knew my weak condition, " Do you want to eat anything? I will bring home in a short while?" I replied in a still small voice, "nah, It's ok, I am fine..."

He brought home ice cream.

This is the thing that he knew and I sensed he knows his sister will feel comfortable and enjoy...

I was touched...


Jane Lee said...

Family members are our best friend at all time, who will never forsake us, who don't share the same thoughts, who don't go wherever we go, who will not do what we do, but they will be where we needed them to be, and when we needed them to be. They are forgiving, they are caring, they are loving.
Friends come and go, but family stays.